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Our mission is to bridge the wage gap for local residents in the gig economy, increase revenue for restauranteurs by helping them scale according to their customers’ demands- while retaining 90%-110% of their profits and give residents and businesses access to fresh local affordable products.

Founder/CEO's Bio

Larelle Clarke is founder and CEO of Ditch the Wait. Larelle lives in Washington, DC and is a wife and mom to three kids. Before founding DTW with her husband Octavius, she worked 15 years in the local and federal Public Housing industry as a H.U.D. contractor and D.C. Housing Authority employee. While working in D.C. she saw the rise and fall of the food truck market, the emergence of in-office catering and experienced the general consumer side dilemma of eating out and ordering delivery with young kids. The core ideas that became DTW evolved from these three experiences and continue to evolve today.

Note from Founder

As a black female founder in the Foodtech/transportation industry, this journey of entrepreneurship has been challenging, rewarding, and lonely at the same time.

There are not many people who look like me in this industry. Moreover, I don’t necessarily fit the standard narrative of founders in this space. I look to defy the odds, offer hope to others with similar stories, and build a community of refuge for those looking for a 2nd or 3rd chance at life. My village is routing for and relying on the success of DTW. We exist as an inspiration and a way for them. 

My mission in life is to inspire others to do the thing within them that makes them most happy. I live to effect change in the lives of those who are in my sphere of influence. We all have our part to play in this world. My hope is to one day be the change I wish to see.

I am blessed to have a great team working alongside me to provide a service we all can be proud to build. My favorite African Proverb is:  If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together. Having a reliable, consistent, determined mission-driven team makes all the difference. In the end, if one wins, we all win.

Larelle Clarke, Founder/CEO

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